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PDR 08-20-16 - WHY is Sticky Nips

The campaign is a violent joke, and we couldn't stop laughing at the worst 1-minute infomercials ever. Trust us though, there is a serious conversation in this episode.

PDR 07-14-16 - Race Relations with #myEdward

Kevin is out today, so Michael Wimbush took the reigns as my co-host. we talked American History and Race Relations going back before even the Revolutionary War. Which lead to one of the most calm and educating conversations on this show that we've had in years. We also got to explain from the beginning the inside joke behind the new hashtag #myEdward. Which with whole-heartedly encourage everyone to use in their everyday conversations.

PDR 05-15-16 - You Don't Use Words Like That

George Zimmerman sold the gun used to murder an unarmed child for $140,000. Why? Because he cited it as a genuine piece of American History. Between that and Trump, Loren's brain is ready to explode. And there are no words we can use to describe this episode that won't get us booted off iTunes. Enjoy.

PDR 04-02-16 - Trump-The Reason EVERYBODY HATES US

We need you to listen to this whole episode. It's important. It's a podcast, take your time. But we spent months waiting for the right time to finally do this show. We needed it to hit critical mass. The entire planet is watching this. At this point, it's sickening. Trump was a joke, and now the joke went WAY too far. One terrorist attack and Trump is president. You think about that. Maul it over. If you support Trump, let me tell you, it says more about you than it does of him.

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