Loren Zilberbrand

Born in Chicago, and raised on the values that the baby boomers fought so hard to accomplish. Often calling himself a Clinton Democrat, Loren was galvanized by the political spectacle of the 1990's. He has a degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University, with a background in political analysis and opposition research. Crunching the numbers always seemed to forge a pattern to, what on the surface looks like chaos. As a journalist, he maintains, you can't hate the media… you are the media. But that doesn't mean you have to be a weatherman detailing the temperature of the day. We need to look at the aggregate and understand the country as a whole. We, within the media, should be the barometers of the media, detailing the pressure systems that determine the political heat.

Screaming, Yelling, Ranting and Raving. Somewhere in the middle, the facts start to bleed through the heartfelt words. Loren brings passion to the debate in an attempt to speak truth to power, to speak the words that people are already saying to themselves everyday.  We need to ask ourselves, "what happened to the America I was born into?" It's a question that needs to be answered and the answer is not necessarily "I want my country back". Simplistic answers are for the simple minded and this is a very complex situation where we find ourselves at in this point in time. Our generation was born at the last wave of the Great American Century. We will always remember, and never forget that our best days are still ahead of us. We are here to bring you the truth.

Kevin Benoit

Born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. Kevin has a degree in high school social studies education from the University of Dayton, and has a broad background in history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, religion, and politics. He brings a historical perspective to politics and the daily events that shape our lives. Making sense of the every day political riff raff, Kevin brings a rational and reasonable perspective to the maddening fast paced politics that we have become so accustomed to.

A prolific writer, avid civil debater, and life long learner, Kevin brings a refreshing take on politics. Political Discontent Radio is his debut on the interwebs and in the political arena. An amateur historical politician, he brings a Joe Q Public opinion to the political scene what the Tea Party and many political neophytes falsely claim, with a focus on the larger picture.
Teaming up with Loren, Kevin brings the moderation to Loren's mania, giving both sides of the political spectrum from the fringe to the fence voter.
Political Discontent Radio is where Kevin has found his voice.