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PDR 12-02-14 - Circle Takes the Square

Kevin tries to goad Loren into stepping on his own rake TWICE. Like Sideshow Bob. Good luck with that. Ashton Carter, the most qualified man in all of America, is named SecDef. Chicago Raises the minumum wage to 13. DC tables Wall Street reform. Ukraine turns into the UAE. And Circle takes the Square.

PDR 11-18-14 - Fast and Furious

The senate went all fast and furious with a trip to nowhere. Keystone XL, Immigration, NSA. Keep it coming boys. They called up the National Guard in Ferguson Missouri because Vegas odds say the grand jury will acquit the cop who shot Michael Brown faster than an LA minute. That and more, this week on Political Discontent Radio.

PDR 11-04-14 - SuperTuesday - Election Night Special Coverage

It's election night, SuperTuesday, and we have full comprehensive coverage of all the madness running across the screens. Aside from that, stay tuned to the next episode coming up where we spill our guts on all the dirty secrets of all the crazy shit we were not only witnessed to, but were involved in during our work as professional political consultants over the past 4 years.

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