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PDR 11-04-14 - PDR 11-04-14 - SuperTuesday - Election Night Special Coverage

It's election night, SuperTuesday, and we have full comprehensive coverage of all the madness running across the screens. Aside from that, stay tuned to the next episode coming up where we spill our guts on all the dirty secrets of all the crazy shit we were not only witnessed to, but were involved in during our work as professional political consultants over the past 4 years.

PDR 10-12-14 - Never Under-Estimate the Ignorance of the WhiteMan's Culture

This is a Rock'em Sock'em Robots of an episode that you do not want to miss. And SPOILER ALERT - it's probably the most fun we've had in years. Isn't it great when we've finally have time off from our work behind the scenes in politics, and can at least laugh at all of what we've been through.

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