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PDR 03-13-14 - Interview: Ukraine

We have a special guest in the studio this week. Joined by a Ukrainian national... We try to make sense of this on going situation. Is this a simple land grab by Russia, or is Putin playing a high stakes game of RISK here. On the other side, will NATO come to the rescue, or are they partially to blame in the first place.

PDR 01-29-14 - Pompous Circumstance

The State of the Union address. This is the Superb Owl of political events in DC. If you didn't see it, you missed nothing. Lets recap the most lack-luster of pomp and circumstance. This is the week that was... Here on Political Discontent Radio.

PDR 01-14-14 - Chris Christie and The TPP

Back by popular demand!!! Chris Christie might be in hot water over a bridge, but it's his earlier behavior that has us smoking. Back in 2011... When it came to making sure rape victims weren't forced to pay for their own rape kits, Christie almost never didn't sign that bill. And have you heard of the TPP. You have now!

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