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PDR 01-20-16 - The Caucus and The Cactus

Carnival Barkers and freak shows. Iowa and New Hampshire. You know what that means... Time to start placing bets like a true degenerate. Iowa is the first inning, and you know the difference between a Caucus and a Cactus?? At least with a Cactus you know the pricks are on the outside.

PDR 10-25-15 - The Lost Episode: #20lbsOfGlitter

Recorded 10-25-15, this episode was supposed to be released months ago. Originally titled #20lbsOfGlitter - We urge you to get that trending on twitter as we come up with the absolutely worst ways to so delightfully make use of a bathtub full of glitter in the most malevolent ways possible.

PDR 08-05-15 - Political D!SH-content Radio

Special Guest host Jennifer Briney of Congressional Dish. We are live in an undisclosed location deep within Chicago's Miracle Mile. Got an idea, lets pick each other's brains for an hour and see who walks away with the most dignity. Amazing already.

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