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PDR 08-05-15 - Political D!SH-content Radio

Special Guest host Jennifer Briney of Congressional Dish. We are live in an undisclosed location deep within Chicago's Miracle Mile. Got an idea, lets pick each other's brains for an hour and see who walks away with the most dignity. Amazing already.

PDR 07-09-15 - ZOO

We always expected the 2016 GOP race to be a circus. We just never expected it to be a zoo. This amount of unruly sh!t is enough to make you gag. So we spent an hour distinguishing the batsh!t from the horse sh!t. All that remained is elephant dung. Go figure.

PDR 06-02-15 - Loaded Questions

We have a laundry list of loaded questions provided by our loyal listeners. First, there is no question we arent willing to answer. And chances are, there are no depths to Loren's depravity.

PDR 05-12-15 - Playing Catch-Up

A months worth of work in just over an hour. Trust Me. We hit all bases. If George Zimmerman gets shot in the face, and nobody is around who cares... Is it a crime? See. I told you. Flawless logic. America. My favorite 3rd world nation.

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