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PDR 03-18-15 - Tom Cotton owned a farm

Sen. Tom Cotton wrote a letter to Iran. Thats not a punchline. With a name like cotton, you know his grandpappy owned someone elses grandpappy. Aaron Shock from Illinois tried getting a little ambitious, one more charge and he can be governor.

PDR 03-04-15 - Spook'd

Those amatuers on the right finally thought that got something on Hillary, harpooning her 2016 run. A birdy told them that she ONLY used her personal email account during the entirety of her post as Secretary of State. Gmail anyone. Do I hear a hotmail. Turns out that it is strictly on a need to care basis. That and it is probably the most secure server on the entire planet. Commissioned by Leon Panetta and created specifically by Langley. Good work you dolts.

PDR 02-10-15 - The Day the Clown Cried

Brian Williams is off the air for at least 6 months. Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show in around 6 months. And Kevin is seriously depressed. What, Rachel Maddow isn't good enough? When she puts on her glasses, she becomes Chris Hayes.

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