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PDR 01-13-15 - #JeSuisCharlie

They say that comedy is merely tragedy plus time. If thats the case, I'd still prefer a little less tragedy. The brazen attack on cartoonists, not even journalists... Cartoonists, at Charlie Hebdo rocked the boat and shook our nerve. Lets discuss.

PDR 01-06-15 - The tea Party is Challenged

When pointing out someones complete lack of comprehension for reality, for some reason we feel it is more polite to say that they are merely challenged. Its what happens when the words we really want to use, gets us tossed off itunes for being... inappropriate. Oh, what charming euphemisms we use to dodge the painful truth. Lets just say they're challenged.

PDR 12-23-14 - Christmas in Korea

It was two nights before Christmas and all though the house, not a creature as stirring... Except - Cuba, North Korea, Sony, and a couple of police shootings. Ok, something was stirring. But it wasn't that alcoholic Santa at the mall smelling of poverty and whiskey. This is the week that was on Political Discontent Radio.

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